General André Lanata

Former Supreme Commander at NATO ACT ​​

​Mr. James “Hondo” Geurts

Executive Vice-Chairman at Sarcos Technology and Robotic Corporation ​

Mrs. Kristina Soukupová

President at Czech Defense and Security Innovation Hub

​ ​

Major-General K. Copsey

Chief of Staff of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps ​

Dr. Eric Pouliquen

Head of the NATO ACT Innovation Branch ​

Mr. Serge Da Deppo

NATO ACT Innovation Hub Founder ​

Mrs. Kristina Proulx

Director of Research & Development, Innovation Operations for Canada´s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security Program (IDEaS)​ ​

Engº Miguel Almeida

General Manager at CISCO Portugal​​

​​BGEN João Paulo de Almeida

Head of the Innovation & Transformation Division

Colonel Stephane Moinard

Head of the International Cooperation Department​​

Mr. Óscar Jiménez Mateo

Head of the Research & Development Planning Area ​


LCol A.S. (Fons) Van der Ham

Manager of International Innovation Cooperation ​









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