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Militares do Exército da Força de Reação Rápida na operação da NATO “Resolute Support Mission”
Militares do Exército da Força de Reação Rápida na operação da NATO “Resolute Support Mission”
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FELINO exercise is part of the series of joint military exercises and combination, developed in the military-technical cooperation with the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, are intended to enable interoperability of the Armed Forces of the CPLP member states and training for employment of these peace operations and humanitarian assistance, under the aegis of the United Nations, respecting the laws.


Exercise FELINO 2009 to be held in Boane, MOZAMBIQUE, will be of type Command Post, and with the participation of armed forces personnel (FA) of pa] ise members of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP). This exercise aims at training of a Joint Task Force and Combined (FTCC).
Among the many objectives we highlight the increasing of the interoperability of procedures and doctrine of the FA and its Member States with a view to their eventual employment in Operation Peace (OAP) and Humanitarian Assistance (HA), under the aegis of United Nations (UN).


In 2008 the exercise was aimed at "Exercising a Joint Task Force and combined within the CPLP, in order to enhance interoperability and training of the Armed Forces of the CPLP member states with a view to its use in humanitarian operations and support peace under the aegis of the United Nations. "
The fictional scenario for the Year 2008 Feline simulated a humanitarian crisis with security implications, taking place in permissive environment, using real geographic data of Portugal and held in Aveiro region-OVAR.
The preparation of financial activities also featured training services that stand out from the stage centered in the field of Planning and Operating Rules of Engagement to be held at the Army Simulation (Pedrouços), from 16 to 20 June, and Stage Operations Peace to be given by the Center for Education and Training Operations Support Peace Infantry Training School (CITOAP / EPI) in the Infantry Regiment 10